Your Study in Holland insurance

Your travel purpose = study in Holland.


Great, you’re coming to the Netherlands to study! And learn the language and get to know the Dutch culture.

You shouldn’t start your adventure without the right insurance; tailor maid for foreign students in the Holland; our Tasman Insurance is a complete package of insurances that you really cannot do without, like cover for theft or loss of luggage, for medical costs and liability. That way you can really focus on the things that you came here to do: learn, experience and have fun! Apply for the Tasman Insurance before travelling to Holland and go abroad with assurance!

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Study in Holland insurance

Our advise for students:

When you will study in the Netherlands, we advise you to take out a Tasman Insurance. The following cover is included: S.O.S. Assistance, Luggage, Medical costs, Accidents and Liability.

S.O.S Assistance

With this cover you insure yourself against all kind of extra costs due to emergency situations. Like when you have to go home suddenly because a family member got seriously ill. Also the necessary communication costs are insured. If you need help or advise, you can always contact the Tasman Emergency line. This professional international assistance network is on hand twenty-four hours a day and they will make every effort to solve your problem as quickly as possible.


Your luggage is insured up to € 2.500. Not only theft is insured, but also loss and damage of your goods is covered. Didn’t your luggage arrive with you at Schiphol or another airport? Necessary costs for toiletries and clothing are covered up to € 230. Also your photo -video or computerequipment are insured up to a maximum of € 1.000. And your travel documents like your passport or drivers licence, with no excess. In short, your personal belongings are well insured. Not only during travel, but during your whole stay in the Netherlands.

Study in Holland insurance

Medical costs

When you are a student and you don’t have any official income of some kind in the Netherlands, it is not mandotory for you to take out a so called “Basisverzekering” (Basic compulsary insurance). Otherwise you would apply for such an insurance at a regular health insurance company and it would cost you about € 100,- or more per month (with an excess of € 385 per calendar year in 2017).
In your Tasman Insurance package your necessary medical costs like for doctors or specialists, prescripted medication, fysiotherapy or hospitalization are all insured. Also necessary dental costs are covered up to € 250. The other medical costs are insured up to cost-price and there is no excess for medical expenses made outside your home country. When you do pay a visit to your home country, you are insured for medical costs up to € 5.000 with an excess of € 125 during a maximum of 21 days.

Study in Holland insurance


When you cause damage to a person or his/ her belongings, you want to be well insured also. Spoiling the carpet of your friend with chocolate milk, or accidentally let someone trip over your feet and the person gets injured? You do not need to worry, with the liability cover of Tasman Insurance you are covered up to € 500.000,- per occurence.

Study in Holland insurance


An accident that results in permanent disability or death brings a lot of grieff and in most cases, requires a lot of complex arrangements to take care of. Unfortunately, that is something that you cannot insure yourself for. But an accidents-insurance does provide you with a financial compensation. In the case of death an amount of max. € 10.000 is insured and in case of total permanent disability an amount of max. € 40.000 is insured.


Study in Holland insurance


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