We help you set up your Utilities

Find your new place, we will help you to set up your Dutch Utilities!


We help tenants who or moving to a new house to set-up the utilities free of charge. We saving you time and money by finding the best deals for energy, internet, tv, water, mobile and even insurances. We offer a friendly customer service to make you life easier.


  • Everything arranged within 24 hours
  • We work with trusted suppliers
  • Energy, internet, TV, Phone, Water and Insurance
  • English customer service
  • Free of charge
  • Green energy
  • Award winning service
  • Flexibel contracts for energy, water, mobile and internet

What makes us brilliant ?

We register you for free to the local water company and provide you with a market comparisons for energy, internet, tv, mobile and water. Everything is set up ready when moving days arrives. It’s possible to do it completely online or we can call you to arrange everything by phone. Easy Nuts works with trusted suppliers that suits expat needs best.

Why this services ?

The dutch market for energy, internet and mobile is open to private companies to stimulate competition. w only works with utility providers who are trusted and have good tariffs. It’s very difficult for tenants to arrange electricity, internet an tv in the Netherlands, because all websites are in dutch. We offer flexible contracts for all utilities so you can cancel them without a penalty.

Let’s make the world a better place for everyone. We deliver 100 % green energy and can arrange sustainable solutions for your new home like solar panels or isolation so you can save on energy bills.

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