Sandwich In Your Pocket


I would like to be able to call it a gastronomic expedition for dutch cuisine, but dutch food might not cut off ones feet. Especially when you come from a country which has plenty of foods  or restaurants you may feel disapointed. Of course there are local tastes worth tryíng particularly cheese in netherlands. Let’s enrich your sandwiches with cheese

Why I come up this idea is that i get used to eat outside in Turkey whenever I want regardless of time ! While I was studying  my bachelor degree, me and my friends always prefered to go restaurants around the shcool there are many places.School life  in Groningen  also allows you to have a new habit like carrying your sandwiches with you all the time since there are limited restaurants around in certain times  and many of them surely serve you sandwiches. If you do not want to carry, you can buy the sandwich in canteen 🙂 When time passes believe me you  will not prefer to spend money on sandwiches because you will be a master cheff of sandwich ! Albert Heijn which is one of the famous supermarket in Netherlands has different kinds of cheese, butter, chocolate, souce ( I like the egg souce  most) and various breads. Yes! let’s combine these two together. I can give you guarentee that one of the main stuffs in your bag should be sandwich.

You may think that I am exaggrating right now but it is the first time I have ever  been eating and making sandwiches that much. It can be called a kind of cultural differences and try to be a cultural intelligent person for adapting the life of Groningen. I can list the benefits of sandwich for you (especially for students):

  • ability to save money
  • ability to stay healthy
  • ability to make yourself full

The next step for you to do, just look for a lucnh-box and enjoy your sandwich regardless of time and place.


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