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The Netherlands is a famous and loved expat destination for many reasons. A place you would love to live in. Let moymoy help you move to the Netherlands! Get practical tips and let us set up your utilities. Our service is free of charge!

Get connected to utilities in the Netherlands

When you’re relocating to the Netherlands one of the first things you will probably need to assure is getting connected to multiple utilities. Think of water, electricity, gas, but also (mobile) telephone, internet, and tv. Fixing all utilities in a foreign country creates tons of stress. Luckily, you will have the help of moymoy!

How It Works?

Like we have said before; relocating to a new country creates stress. It can be quite overwhelming. moymoy takes care of connecting expats to their utilities in the Netherlands

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Let us call you! We arrange everything within 24 hours

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We make you an offer from the best supplier

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Utility service
or self-service?

Need utilities in the Netherlands, but not quite sure if you need a utility service or if you should try to take care of the utilities yourself? From our extensive experience, we can tell you that finding all utilities in a strange country can give you quite a headache. All information is in Dutch, just like the customer service. Not to mention the variety of brands and packages. Still not convinced?

Moving with
the help of our service ?

Like we have said before; relocating to a new country creates stress. It can be quite overwhelming. we takes care of connecting expats to their utilities in the Netherlands on a daily basis. We dare to say that we fully understand the challenges you are facing when moving here. In this stressful period, we know what is important to arrange and how it is done.

"This is the second time, my husband and I are using moymoy.rentals and once again, the help and support provided was impeccable. The staff is always knowledgeable, patient and takes as much time as needed to answer all of questions (which we know can be a lot at times).
Anna Bella

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Netherlands is a great place to live. It’s a small country, that is densely populated, stable and well developed and known for its liberal and progressive attitude. High employment rates, excellent infrastructure (especially concerning education and healthcare), and high life satisfaction levels make the Netherlands a perfect place to relocate to. 

Although moving countries is rated as one of the most significant stress events in life, moving to the Netherlands is not as bad as it could be with the help of Us. 

We can arrange all the services you need when relocating to the Netherlands such as Insurance, Banking, and Water. With our English customer support and unique partnerships with service providers, we get you up and running in your new home in the Netherlands as soon as possible. Learn more about our various expat services:

Check the best deals

The free energy market in The Netherlands enables you to choose from a wide range of suppliers. AtMOYMOY.nl BV we want to help you find the best energy deal in three easy steps, based on your personal situation. Besides energy we can also save you money on other financial services like loans and many kinds of insurance products. We want to help you find the best contracts available.