How to Move-Out  ?

Altough we don’t want to let you go, everyone will have to move-out sooner or later. This blogpost will serve you with tips and tricks on how to move-out hassle free.

Time to leave…

It’s the time of the year again, when your study term is ending and so might be your tenancy agreement. Altough, we don’t want to let you go, of course, I am going to be helping all of you with planning and executing your move-out. Most important: I’ll help all of you to have that deposit amount roll back into your account the same way it left it!

Being a former resident, I have been in your shoes and I believe I understand all the questions and doubts you may or may not have regarding this whole process.

Planning to move-out

First, some basic knowledge: There are different ways that you may move out or alter your tenancy. This includes a simple termination or expiration of your tenancy, sublet your room, change rooms or substitute yourself from your tenancy. However, all of them include the official move-out process I’ll get to later on.

Spoiler: Later, I’ll give you a nice tipp for making your move-out hasslefree by exploring the feature of a preliminary check conducted by the house staff. This should give you an idea of planning your move and dealing with the administrative processes.

Canceling your agreement

There are multiple houses under THE FIZZ Banner, and each house has a different nature of tenancy agreements that adhere to the local regulations. As resident, it is important that you are aware of the termination policies and processes in your city. To do so, you should read through your tenancy agreement (yup, you gotta face the truth) and clarify with the service team in case you have any questions.

All terminations are conveyed to the service team via a written termination letter. Lucky you: We provide a termination letter template for all of you on the FAQ page.

Tenant Swap

Sometimes plans change and you may have to leave sooner than you can exit your contract. You can always replace yourself (Don’t worry, we know that you are one of a kind!) and swap your position in the tenancy agreement. All you must do is to find a replacement tenant by yourself and contact the service team. Afterwards, they facilitate the process for you. (Please note that this may subject to administration charges)

Subletting your apartment

Sometimes you may have your room vacant for a term but want to come back afterwards. If you wish to have someone to live in your room for the duration (and save a lot of money), you can always sublet your room. This requires some formalities to be completed to incorporate the subtenant, which is handled by the house management. Best way is to contact your house manager directly. (Please note that this may subject to administration charges)

Room Swap

The sales team is always doing their best to serve your personal preference and requirements to meet your expectations. You may still realize that you want a different room after you move-in. In that case, you should reach out to the house staff and the service team. The service team will facilitate your request to find you a replacement room, which is subject to availability. (Please note that this may subject to administration charges)

‍The Preliminary Check

I believe this is a very important feature offered by THE FIZZ: the opportunity to have a House Staff representative to come and make a preliminary check before your actual move-out. It is like giving a mock exam before sitting for the actual thing. The House Staff representative will inspect your room and point out all the things they check upon your move-out, for free! This allows you to make your room move-out ready and ensure that the big bucks are back in your account without deductions. Welcome back, deposit!

9 things to do when moving out

These are 9 steps that you can follow for a chill and successful move-out. You should start with them a couple of weeks before your actual day you move out that will help you to plan all the different aspects that involved in a move-out scenario.

1. Book a check out

It’s easy peasy! When your time is near (that sounded a bit too dramatic…), all of you receive a check out appointment link in your emails. 3-4 weeks prior to your planned move out day, sign up for an appointment so that the house staff can manage their schedules and ensure a quick and smooth process of “kicking you out of the room.

2. Pack up your shit

This goes without saying that you have to take your belongings with you. You should do so, as soon as you possibly can. Packing takes the most time and effort, in my experience, you should just start and be done with it and enjoy the last few days and spend time with your friends rather than worrying about your move-out.

3. Empty storage

Since you are packing your shit, make sure that all the storage is empty of your belongings and trash.

4. Clean your filthy room

Go to the reception and pick up every possible cleaning supply and get to work. This may be the day you have worked the most in the past year and if that’s the case, you are doing it right. My rule is, clean the room till the point you are the only filth present in there.

5. Throw the trash

Until unless you are not a hoarder or a trash lover, please pack all the trash and make sure that you dump it in the designated trash collection area. Since we are at it, material wastage is an important concern for our ecology, mother earth will be a bit happier if you separate your trash and dump the respective waste material in their designated bins. (Bio-waste, plastic, metal, glass, etc.). In case you want to get rid of some clothes and shoes, drop it at a clothes collection bin, the stuff you think is worthless may be a lot more worthy to someone else.

6. Clean the refrigerators

I know you want the cleaning crew to be well fed and you may plan to leave some old food or drinks there. Do us a favor, “don’t do it.” Instead, leave the extra food and groceries with a lovely note for your fellow FIZZies in the common kitchens, this will insure that the food is not wasted. Since you are at it, take a wet cloth and wipe it clean from inside. If it requires a serious cleaning, use any name brand house cleaning wet wipes to deal with stains and stuff.

7. Minor Repairs

In case any bulb is not working, or you punched your head through the wardrobe door in a drunken rage, it is highly advisable to get in touch with house technician beforehand. He or she will consult you to deal with it and/or find the right replacement for your rooms damaged fittings.

8. Now, “really” clean your room!

Scrubbing and cleaning the floor is one thing, you may also consider and clean your windows, wash the mattress protector, wash the curtains, clean the limescale in your shower cabin and clean your shower drain.” I hope you have a lot of fun doing the last one.”

9. Check out day

All of the above leads up to this day. You should start moving your stuff out before the final room inspection and make sure that you have your post box keys, room keys, and any other property that was provided to you along with your room. Return everything and sign the checkout form and you are officially home less after that.

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