Being an international student in Groningen, now you move on how to find a room in Groningen. If you are moving to here for the first time, finding somewhere to live can be demoralizing. I strongly advise that you should start looking for accommodation as early as possible because it could be really difficult to secure somewhere to stay if you wait too long. If you are going to be student at University of Groningen, unfortunately it does not provide accommodation for students and it is all student’s responsibility to find somewhere to dwell. Before moving to the lists, to be honest do not underestimate the challenge of finding a room, as it can be a long and stressful process.

There are many options which help you how to find a room in Groningen;


MoyMoy: MoyMoy is one of the best options for you to arrange a room in Groningen, it also provides you with many opportunities in blog section to get informed about recent topics in Groningen. You can search a room either on its website or on the Facebook. You will get a message if there is a suitable room for you. Furthermore, you do not need to pay extra money for registration. There are list of properties which would help you while searching the room.

Kamernet: Kamernet, which is one of the popular websites to find a room in Netherlands, requires “creating account (Paid)”. Renting a room could be easier than expected with it. They also provide you with a rent studio or apartment, and the proposing is quite big and various. If you find an affordable and suitable room you can contact landlords and roommates directly.

Directwonen: Directwonen, is another common website, offers rental properties under the condition of registration with payment. You will receive potential candidates in your mailbox. There are multiple choices for you to search a room.

Esteon:  Esteon provides you with free personal advice to find a room. Afterwards, they will directly start working on what your preferences are. If you give Esteon an assignment for a period of about 2.5 months, they will match your preferences with all available rooms etc. However, to get more extend advice and help you need to register and pay the given amount of money

Airbnb: Airbnb is an online market place for offering homestays, lodging or tourism experiences (a bit different from above ones). If you stay in Groningen less than 3 months, this would be beneficial for you to find a room. You will connect with the landlords to talk more about the how long you will live, and payment issues.


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