How to deal with the windy/rainy weather in Groningen


Have you ever experienced windy and rainy weather before especially while riding a bike? If no, don’t worry you will experience it  You are going to be like an onion: wear lots of layers.

The weather in Groningen changes a lot throughout the day (especially the period from December to March), the morning will be sunny and the afternoons will be cloudy and the nights will be super cold and windy. Afterwards, you can adjust to the bipolar Dutch weather. In case you should bring very nice winter clothes with you.

For rainy weather, you should invest in a good umbrella, a rain jacket (the longer the better) which protects you while riding and pants. You should definitely keep them closer to the battle of terrible rainy days. What I mean is that the weather ever-changing, so as you may think that it will be a sunny day in the morning, you will be blindsided drizzle-rain- wind storm in the afternoon. If you are too casual to wear pants, you will accept to be damp all the day  It is up to you.

However, sometimes it would be romantic while raining as soon as you are inside and enjoy the sound of rain falling to window. Bad weather always is a good motivation to watch movies or to read books.

In order not to be sick, you should take your vitamins as long as you stay. Since there is lack of sunlight and the cloudy weather almost every day you should definitely take D vitamin. It really has an impact on how you feel. In addition to this, Groningen is a very rich city in terms of fish! You can find different kinds of fish in the Vismark bazaar and A&H Supermarket. Fish have the vitamins that fit your body.

Therefore, you can survive the bad weather very easily.
You can buy the raincoat in IKEA, there are many options for your preferences. Also, the last thing for carrying is waterproof bags in markets 


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