Five things you need to know when moving to a new city for your studies

Things you need to know when moving

Moving is always exciting, wether it is the first time or the hundreth, especially if you’re moving for a study that will shape your future. The new experiences always allow to form personal growth and cultural experiences. However, adapting to change can sometimes take a little bit of time, but if the right steps are taken, you will feel at home in your new city in no time.

Key actions


One of the key actions to take would be to find your community of people from your home coutry or people in your study. This will help with discovering the city with people you know you will have the same interst or background. It’s all about making your first friend. Once you do, you’ll have more confidence to approach others at any sort of events you will attend. Apps such as UNiDAYS might be helpful as they give discountsfor things around the city to students. This is helpful as when there a lot of events happening at the begining of the year you don’t want to hurt your bank too much.


To get to know the city with your new friends it is suggested to go online and find events in the area. Apps such as eventbrite will allow you to have tickets to all sorts of events in your area. This way is another to branch out into different social communities. Also go out and get to know the night life to create your first memories in your new city. Another app that can help with knowing what to do during your night out is ClubNews.


Another way to enjoy your new city is to get to know the locals and thier ways of doing. This could be a fun way to learn about a new culture and their practices. Locals can also show you areas that are less touristy to help you fully emerge into the city. In these areas, go to some resteruants and try the local food, or go to a local craftmans shop.  Start to learn the basics of the language if you are international. Locals tend to appriciate the effort. Duolingo introduces you to any language you are wishing to aquire.


One of the most important things is to give yourself time.  Show up before your study begins, give yourself time to get to know the people and place before the workload begins. If  moving to a student city there will be a lot of events prior to the course starting for students. ESN is a group that organize events for new international students. Download their app to see if they have any events planned in your city.


The last thing you need to know about moving to a new city is finding your housing situation. This you can do before your arrival. Through websites such as moymoy. rentals  where we wish to help you find what best fits your  requests. Aiming to fit your needs of things such as location, utilities, size and costs. All this to make your moving transition run as smoothly as possible.


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