Is it easy to find an apartment in Groningen?

Is it easy to find an apartment in Groningen?

Finding a suitable apartment can be a challenge in the current housing market. For both starters and people who move to a new apartment, the supply of houses varies in all different price ranges. There is also a lot of competition from other people who are looking for a suitable home. That is no different in Groningen. The demand exceeds the supply and accommodation in Groningen has become scarce. Whether you are a student and are looking for a room or a studio, an expat who is looking for a centrally located home for a certain period or a family that is ready for family expansion. The problem is that there is more demand than supply. Yet there are some ways in which you can increase your chances of finding an apartment in Groningen. We will give you some tips.

Knowledge helps you to find an apartment in Groningen

In the search for an apartment in Groningen, preparation is very important. The knowledge you have gives you the opportunity to make quick choices. Determine in advance what the requirements are for your new home in Groningen.

  • What kind of property do you look for? A room, an apartment or a house.
  • Where do you want to live in the city? Close to work or school, or maybe close to the station?
  • How big should the house be? How many rooms do you desire?
  • What preconditions do you impose on the house and what facilities should your house contain?
  • What is your budget, how much do you want to spend each month?

These kinds of questions form the basis that you need to make finding an apartment in Groningen easier. Especially when you are not from Groningen or even live abroad and want to find an apartment in Groningen.

With a good resume, you as a tenant have an advantage

If you come to Groningen from abroad, maybe for a job or a study, it is wise to draw up a resume in which you can indicate with certain characteristics you have, which make you a good candidate for renting an apartment in Groningen. In this so-called tenant resume you state your personal details, like where you work or study when you will live in Groningen and what your financial situation is. Are your parents financially supporting you for example, or is your employer helping you financially in providing a home. It is good to make these facts clear to the landlord. It will increase your chances of being eligible for the apartment you are looking for. Also, provide your resume with a representative photo of yourself, so that the landlord will be able to form a good image of you as a potential tenant of his apartment.

Where can you find an apartment in Groningen that fits your needs?

It is important to know where to look if you want to find a suitable home in Groningen. On this website you can search specifically for a home that matches the wishes and requirements you have set for the home. You can also contact us by phone, via +31 85 401 9728, to obtain more information about the range of available rental apartments in Groningen.


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