Check the best deals

Check the best deals

The free energy market in The Netherlands enables you to choose from a wide range of suppliers. At Pricewise we want to help you find the best energy deal in three easy steps, based on your personal situation. Besides energy we can also save you money on other financial services like loans and many kinds of insurance products. We want to help you find the best contracts available.

Why compare?

If you have been a customer at the same supplier for years, then you’re most likely overpaying several hundreds of euros. Those who compare energy and switch on a yearly basis, can benefit from lower tariffs and one-time discounts. Read more.


Other markets

We also compare a lot of other financial products if you wish to save more money. For instant you can also compare the following markets on our website: car insuranceshealth insurancesloansinternet and tv and multiple home insurances. Unfortunately these tools are in Dutch only. So, if you need help in English with choosing a good and suiting insurance or contract, you can always give us a call. You can reach us at (+31)088-66 99 000. For loans you can use (+31)088-66 99 075. We ofcourse also have a Dutch version of the energy compare tool.

Our guarantees

Pricewise thinks that everyone in the Netherlands deserves the best deal for energy, insurance, loans and telecom. That’s why Pricewise wants to wake up everybody in order to make them wiser. Together we can make the market more competitiveRead more.

Frequently asked questions

No question is too complicated for Pricewise’s switch coaches, regardless of the topic: switching, energy meters, green electricity or supplying electricity back to the grid. Based on the questions we receive daily, we have made a top 10Read more.



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