Best places to study in Groningen

Best places to study in Groningen.

Finally you found a place to stay in Groningen, made new friends, explored the city and are living your best life and then exam period is comming up. It can be quite stressfull to plan your study scedules and keep up-to-date with all the readings.

Even more it is important to find a place where you can focus completly on studying and not get distracted by too many things.

Study at home:

Some people are doing quite well studying from home; the comfort of your own four walls, getting all cozy with a warm tea, especially now that it gets colder outside, and don”t need to care about your looks or that you did not shower for couple of days. However studying from home requires a lot of self-discipline and when searching for “Nestor” it can be quite tempting when suddenly “Netflix” pops up on your screen.

The UB:

Everybody knows the struggles of finding a spot in the Ub during exam period. If you want to be successful in findig a spot, you need to wake up early, and cycle , still halfly asleep,  to the Ub to stand in line with a bunch of other stressed students just to wait till every single one of them gets inside through this tiny swinging door. Then when you finally managed to press yourself through this door and find a nice spot you get this warm feeling of pride. Studying in the Ub can be quite pleasant; you notice that everybody is just as stressed out as you are and that is is okay to be stressed, it is like a community! During the study break it is nice to socialize with your friends,  going to Albert Heijn or the market to get the best snacks or to go to the 4th floor-terrace and enjoy the sunset.

The Zernike campus:

If you want to escape the stressful atmosphere of Ub, the Zernike campus library might be a good alternative. You can get nice coffee over there and the upstairs area is not too quite so that you can discuss the study materials with your friends. Also, outside there is a table tennis plate and a swing to relax during your study breaks.

The Coffe Company:

A nice cafe to study at is the Coffe Company in the Oude Ebbingestraat. It is located central, not far from the Ub, just next to the Albert Heijn. The cafe has a nice atmosphere and a variety of drinks. It has special sockets where you can plug in your laptop and in the back there is a hidden study room. However this cafe can also be quite full during exam period due to its popularity.

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Another cafe/restaurant is the newly opened LaPlace. You can either take the escalator from the main entrance all to the top of the building, or take the more hidden elevator next to the City Jumbo. Laplace has quite a large sitting area so you will most likely always find a quite spot to study. The restaurant has some special daily offers and you can get pizza, pasta, soup, etc. If you need a study break just go to the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view on the Martinitower and the rest of beautiful Groningen.

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Faculty Library:

Depending on your studies it might be fun to try out different faculty libraries just to bring fresh wind into your daily studies. Have you ever been to the UMCG, the Heymanns library or the Harmonie? The UMCG library is kind of hard to find but the long way is worth it. The Heymanns library is surrounded by a beautiful garden and sometimes there are cats running around.


If you want to bring more variety into your student life just try out these different study spots. And if you dont leave all the studying to the end of the block, you can reduce a lot of stress.








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