Are you going to study in Groningen? Find your room in Groningen in time!

Are you going to study in Groningen? Find your room in Groningen in time!

Every year it is a struggle for students to find a suitable room in Groningen. The supply of available rooms for students is smaller in Groningen than the demand. Especially when you are coming to Groningen a foreign student and do not have sufficient knowledge of the housing market for students in this city. Therefore good preparation is important. Not only for finding a room in Groningen, but also to qualify for the room of your choice. We give you some tips to help you find a suitable room in Groningen, even before your study begins.

Start finding a room in Groningen early

The best time to start the search for a room in Groningen is from the moment you decided you will study here. Explore the city and start to gain knowledge of the locations of:

  • The university where you will study
  • Centrally located facilities such as shops, restaurants and libraries
  • Public transport, for example the location of the station and bus stops

Determine what is an acceptable distance for you from your room to these locations. This initially gives you an idea in which part of Groningen you are looking for a room. Then determine which requirements the room must meet. How big should your room be and what facilities should the room contain? Do you wish to share a house with roommates? How much can you spend on a room per month? All this essential information is important to have and to prioritize. It is not uncommon that you have to make a concession on one or more of these matters and to know which aspects are most important for you when finding a suitable room in Groningen.

Make yourself an interesting candidate for renting a room

When you are going to study in Groningen, you may receive a study allowance or financial support from, for example, your parents. By making this information available to renters, you can convince a landlord easier that you are the ideal candidate for renting an available room. Indicate which study you will take in Groningen and how long you plan to rent the room. A landlord prefers a lease with a tenant for a longer period of time. When someone continuously follows a study for a number of years, it is more likely that this person will rent the room for that entire period. The landlord is thus assured that he has a reliable tenant.

The availability of rooms in Groningen

By looking for a suitable room in Groningen early on, you often have more choice than students who are looking for a room right before the start of their study. The range of rooms available is regularly updated on our website. If you are looking for a specific room, please contact us to discuss your options.


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